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Theory of Simple and Fair Democratic Elections

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The following are based on the the ideologies of Alpha:

  • Simplicity and fairness of elections, from national level to local levels, shall be protected by the Election Monitoring Committee.
    • This committee is part of the judicial branch of the government; hence, it's independent and impartial from all political factions.

  • Elections should be fair to ensure the integrity of basic democratic values.
    • Voting and ballot counting processes should all be monitored to ensure fairness
    • Easy access and easy voting processes should be provided so as not to discourage democratic elections.

  • Elections should be simple in order to provide equal opportunity to everyone. Otherwise, elections would be monopolized by large political parties, wealthy parties and organizations, as well as lobbies.
    • No lobbying.
      • Any lobbying actions can lead to prosecution of both the lobbies and the candidates.
    • No extensive campaigning.
      • Limitation to number of months allowed for campaigning prior to ballot casting.
      • Limitation to budget of candidates allowed for campaigning to avoid economic exploitation of the election culture.
    • No manipulation of major media in favour of a particular political party or candidate.
    • Monitor and ensure that no political parties over reach and breach their interventions in the pre-election campaigning and the election process.

  • All candidates, regardless of political parties, shall be given equal voice opportunity.
    • Election Monitoring Committee ran website to allow candidates of all elections to freely upload and broadcast propaganda and speech videos to canvass for votes.
    • A scheduled nationwide broadcast of Presidential Candidate Debate and Speech for all Presidential Candidates with neutral moderator in the month prior to ballot casting of the Presidential Election.
      • So as to minimize the influence of major political parties and maximize equal opportunities for candidates from minor parties and independent candidates.

  • To prevent taking advantage of equal opportunity moral of this theory, the following shall be observed,
    • Only one candidate from any political party is allowed
    • Upon applying for candidate, the candidate not expecting to win are encouraged to withdraw before ballot casting to prevent over flowing the ballot list and wastage of federal resources.
    • Any candidates that didn't withdraw when faced with minimum polls and did not achieve even 1% of popular votes in the election, shall be charged with a significant fiscal penalty and ban from running one consecutive election in the name of mischief in order to compensate the election process.
      • In the case of Presidential election, any candidates that decides to withdraw after going through with the Presidential Candidate Debate and Speech, shall be charged with a significant fiscal penalty and ban from running one consecutive election in the name of mischief; even if the candidate withdrew before the ballot casting. As significant resources has already been spent for the Debate and Speech.
      • And any Presidential Candidate that went through the Presidential ballot casting and didn't achieve even 1% of popular votes, a much greater fiscal penalty and a ban from running one consecutive election shall be charged in the name of mischief.

Written, signed and approved by Alpha
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