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Rt. Hon
Thomas Robert Gordon Hunter
Position 14th Prime Minister of Georgeland
Term in office August 4, 1965 - May 7, 1966
Preceded by Stanley Baynes
Succeeded by Zachary Tamworth
Political party Conservative
Total time in office 9 months, 3 days (23rd)
Born Feburary 4, 1914
Died September 16, 1983
Spouse Elizabeth Hunter

The Rt. Hon. Thomas Hunter was the 14th Prime Minister of the United Islands of Georgeland. Hunter served just nine months between the resignation of Stanley Baynes and his defeat in a leadership ballot by Zachary Tamworth. Considered one of Georgeland's great poltical failures, despite a distinguished career as a minister, Hunter 'rehabilitated' his reputation in the 1970s with a series of humanitarian missions. He died in 1983 at the age of 69 from stomach cancer.

Preceded by
Stanley Baynes
Prime Minister of Georgeland
August 4, 1965 - May 7, 1966
Succeeded by
Zachary Tamworth