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Rt. Hon
Thomas John Richardson
Position 16th Prime Minister of Georgeland
Term in office April 13, 1967 - September 9, 1970
Preceded by Zachary Tamworth
Succeeded by Victor Howard
Political party Conservative
Total time in office 3 years, 4 months, 27 days (15th)
Born May 1, 1909
Died July 7, 1984
Spouse Sally Richardson

The Rt. Hon. Thomas Richardson, usually referred to as "Tom Richardson" (b. May 1, 1909 - July 7, 1984) was the 16th Prime Minister of the United Islands of Georgeland. Richardson was the last Conservative Prime Minister until 1979, and one of only four since 1970. Richardson was the father of future Conservative leader Sam Richardson.
Richardson became Prime Minister following the resignation of Zachary Tamworth. Richardson had been a Member of Parliament for twenty-five years before becoming Prime Minister and had held a number of ministerial qualifications. A "traditional" Conservative, Richardson was successful in reforming aspects of the party's structure and policy but suffered from a series of scandals and a hostile back bench. Richardson's anti-Communism was also a factor that led to his defeat, as despite consistent denials the allegations that he planned to send combat troops to Vietnam never ceased during his term of office. Richardson was defeated at the 1970 general election but remained in Parliament until 1980, when his son Sam succeeded him. He died in 1984.
Richardson's wife, Sally Richardson, is a well-known political figure in her own right. She served as her husband's de facto Chief of Staff and drove much of his agenda. Sally Richardson has become somewhat of an icon of Conservative Feminism in Georgeland.

Preceded by
Zachary Tamworth
Prime Minister of Georgeland
April 13, 1967 - September 9, 1970
Succeeded by
Victor Howard