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Thunder Funk were a Georgeland musical act of the 1970s. Their style of music was generally agreed to be within the 'funk' genre, though the band had a slight African influence due to the presence of two African band members. The group was formed in Doubledance in 1971 but did not receive attention until the release of their 1975 album Funky Business. The follow-up album Get Funked (1977) received some acclaim, though the band struggled for mainstream recognition. The third album, Have Funk (1979) saw their only Georgeland #1, on the back of single Do This. The band split in 1980 following the death of lead singer Johnny Mavis. In 2005 the band re-united (with Mavis's son Jackie) for a reunion tour, Cyberfunk, with an album of the same name released in January 2006.


  • Johnny Mavis (vocals/guitar) (1971-1980)
  • Peter N'Garbe (drums)
  • Prince Billy Jordan (guitar)
  • Harry Stevens (keyboards/synth)
  • Jacob Elib (keyboards/synth)
  • Brian Gobb (bass)
  • Jackie Mavis (vocals/guitar) (2005-)