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  • September
    • Christoper Columbus, during his first voyage, discovers Albion.



  • September
    • September 9th - Albion is sighted by a French slave ship, and the ship establishes a small fort in what is now <INSERT>, Ixania.
    • September 12th - The French ship departs back to France with the slaves, leaving the fort to a company of about fourteen men, six women, and two girls.
  • December
    • December 21st - The French ship arrives in Bordeaux and tells about the island of massive size, word quickly spread across France.


  • January
    • January 4th - Word of undeveloped, uninhabited land has reached all of Europe.
    • January 7th - The French monarchy claims the island as the sovereign territory of France.
    • January 11th - The French fort on Albion is hit by a blizzard, reducing its size to only two, bedridden men. The French fort is soon completely empty.
  • May
    • May 6th - With spring coming late, many nations across Europe set sail for Albion.


  • May
    • May 8th - The French ship Signeur Bleu sets sail to establish a colony for France.
    • May 11th - The French slave ship Sang sets sail from Dakar to the small island of Ixania to re-establish the abandoned fortress.
  • August
    • Auguest 7th - The Sang re-establishes the French settlement, naming it Port-au-Sang (meaning Port of the Sang), and begins expanding slave operations with the French colony in Senegal.
    • August 19th - The Signeur Bleu establishes the small settlement of Endroit d'Doré on a sheltered incline in the coastline. The Signeur Bleu immediately begins to sail back as soon as the colonists are working to establish buildings.
    • August 28th - With the scarcity of wood, most homes in the colony are constructed from abundant sources of tan stone with wood reserved for furniture and roofs.
    • August 29th - To maintain the level of slaves dying from disease and the harshness of the land, hundreds of slaves in West Africa are planned to be moved to Ixania.
  • September
    • September 3rd - With homes for all five colonist families, Endroit d'Doré is established as the capital of the Province of Sagesse of the Kingdom of France.
    • September 7th - The Sagessic Council of Houses is established as the unanimous body of governance for the province. The Council elects to prepare a scout group to map out the surrounding area and resources.
    • September 12th - The scout group departs heading south, with five men and two collies.
    • September 13th - The scouts find a fresh water river about x miles south of Endroit d'Doré. Meanwhile, the Council creates plans to build a small pier from which to fish off of and dock small ships.
    • September 15th - The proximity of Ixania proves to be a blessing as slaves are shipped into Port-au-Sang by the boatload. The gold and diamond-rich mountains serve as the basis of the new economy, and the wealth of the island is used to attract more colonist to the island.
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