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Topstad is a constituency or division of the Georgeland House of Commons, consisting of the central parts and some of the outlying suburbs of Topstad, Georgeland's capital city.
Topstad was granted its first MP in 1940, and the seat has existed continuously since then. The seat originally encompassed the entire Federal District but has since shrunk to accomodate the districts of Sheffield and North Topstad.
Topstad was a marginal seat for many years; however, shifting demographics have rendered the seat a safe Conservative seat. The current MP is former Leader of the Opposition Mary Byrne.

Members of Parliament[]

  1. David Trenton 1940-1946 (Labour)
  2. Miles Gillingham 1946-1950 (Conservative)
  3. Keith Locke 1950-1954 (Labour)
  4. Miles Gillingham 1954-1961 (Conservative)
  5. Paul Sheffield 1961-1975 (Labour)
  6. Iain Davis 1975-1987 (Conservative)
  7. Mary Byrne 1987- (Conservative)