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Tranh Chup-yar City Metro Logo
Tranh Chup-yar City Metro
Type Rapid transit
Status Operating
Locale Tranh Chup-yar City, Yarphei
Hope Line
Triumph Line
Unity Line
Daily ridership 106,298
Character Underground
Track gauge Standard Gauge
Electrification Third-Rail

The Tranh Chup-yar City Metro, officially the Tranh Chup-yar City Most Rapid Continuous Transport (Yarphese: Trạnh Chụ̂̀p-yạ́r Gệng̣ Ðẹ́ụ́ạ́m Xàch; Vietnamese: Nhan Schuyênchỡ Tròı Tp. Trầng Chúp Long) is the rapid transit system in Tranh Chup-yar City, Yarphei, consisting of seven lines. Daily ridership is 106,298.


Tranh Chup-yar City Subway

A map of the Tranh Chup-yar City Metro.

The network consists of three operating lines and five under construction lines:

    • Unity Line
    • Triumph Line
    • Hope Line
  • Under Construction
    • Freedom Line
    • Peace Line
    • Prosperity Line
    • Strength Line
    • Outlook Line

The stations' names refer to themes and characteristics from Yarphei's history and revolutions. The system is completely underground. The design of the network was based on metro networks in former and current communist countries, in particular the Pyongyang Metro. The stations are deep enough so that in times of war, the system can serve as a bomb shelter, and can run independent from the citywide power grid.

The busiest station, Unification station, is at the center of the system, and is the intersection point of the Hope, Triumph, and Unity lines.


Unity Line[]

(West to East)

Hope Line[]

(West to East)

Triumph Line[]

(South to North)

  • Unification - Transfer to Hope Line, Unity Line
  • Nature of Suffering
  • Origin of Suffering
  • Cessation of Suffering
  • Path to Cessation of Suffering