The Trans America Union is an international organization aiming to better unify the Americas. It was proposed on August 7th, 2011, by South America. Already three countries have confirmed membership is the alliance is to be created. Membership has been offered to all countries located on the Americas and islands considered apart of the two continents.



1st Summit: Organization Proposal at Buenos Aires

  • Fernando Inho Fabre (UFSA): Welcome leaders, today you have been invited along with your nations to join a new founded alliance among the American nations. The aim of this alliance is to better unite the Americas, to find new interest in each others economies, to ensure both military and civilian aid if needed, and to bring prosperity to each member of this alliance. The city of Buenos Aires is offered as the headquarters, and South America will join this alliance if it is created.
  • Felipe Calderón (Mexico): Mexico will join this alliance if it is created. We will gladly join for the sake of domestic economic development between the Americas.
  • Rafael Correa (Ecuador): Ecuador will join to help craft better relations with its neighbors and other American countries.