Stanley Tram

The Stanley Tram

Transport in the Falkland Islands is generally influenced by its low population density meaning long distance transport is commonly used (such as Coaches, Trains, Ferries and Planes). There is a local transport system such as the Bus systems in every major town, and a Tramway network in Stanley and Fox Bay (plus several planned in places such as Dariwn/Goose Green and Port Howard).


Planes are in common use around the Falkland Islands with Darwin , Fox Bay and Mount Pleasant all having airports. The National Flag Carrier is Falkland Air who runs from its HQ in Mount Pleasant, it has flights connecting all these airports and connections to Buenos Aries, Montivideo, Santiago and many more major destinations. Other Makeshift airports have been erected around the coast using sheds and Seaplanes.

They produce a large ammount of Jobs for people in the Falklands, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and the UK, with it being the 10th largest employer in the Falklands.

Rail Transport

The Railways in the Falklands are Nationalized and run by the Dutch company Connexxion who were given control to the railways by Vernon MacQuarie as part of his saving scheme in 2006. There are in total 11 stations which are split into two sections by the Falkland Sound, however with the completion of the Hutton Bridge they will become one long winding line. The Rail transport can be described as more of a light rail as it was cheaper and cleaner that a full rail network. The Railways are often critisized for hiring former UK British Rail workers and a case was filed against them in 2002 which was rejected due to too little evidence. Another criticism is the lack of track with no track at all in Lafonia and North-East Falkland.

Road Transport

Hutton Bridge

The Hutton Bridge, shown as an artists completed representation.

The Roads are vital in Transportation in the Falklands and without them there is no way one person could privately travel across the country. 4x4's are popular in the country due to the rugged terrain and their ability to travel over it with ease. The Roads in the Falklands are split into A, B, C and U roads simmilar to the UK:
  • A: Dual-Carriage Way or a Motorway/Highway
  • B: Average Tarmac Road (can be gravel)
  • C: Dirt Tracks with Signs
  • U: Unregistered roads which are either private or unmarked tracks.

Water Transport

Ferries aren't currently managed by one single company and are opperated on large scale by several Argentine and Norwegian Companies. The smaller ferries aren't operated by major companies are are either run by local volenteers or small companies such as FerriesDirect.

Public Transport

There are several public transport companies in the Falklands, they include FTrams (they operate the Stanley and Fox Bay Trams), the public often call these as unnecessary glamour projects but figures show that more bussiness has been attracted to the cities after these were completed.

Transport of Falkland

Map of the Falkland Islands Transport (Click to Enlarge)