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After seeing a constant decay of American assets to new countries, including the Union of Everett, the Allied States of America, and Cascadia, the Council of Europe decided to draft a treaty to protect the very foundation of the United States of America. So, the Franco-German Commonwealth and the United States of America signed the Treaty of Cayenne, which in short stated that should another independence movement come close to leaving the United States, the Franco-German Commonwealth would send in troops to crush any such movement, and that any attack against the US would be a declaration of war on theFranco-German Commonwealth The treaty has been ratified by both powers, and is looking for Allied, Cascadian, and Everetti consent, that they will not support, recognize, or fund any further breakaway movements. In exchange, the Franco-German Commonwealth, will recognize the new states, and seek friendly relations with all three powers, alongside the US.

Foreign Issues[]

Allied States of America[]

In a official statement from a government member, the following was said: "How can this even be spoken about? With no offence meant to our northern brothers, the United States government was the corrupt bully on the block, and we did what was needed to avert something close to a disaster! The Union found Bin Laden, invented some technologies which would otherwise not have been possible. Cascadia is a peace-loving country which does not stick its nose in every conflict such as the old U.S. did. The Allied States, I must admit, we are rather violent, but we have not yet once fought for the wrong side. In each and every one of the past big conflicts, we have all stood together, as Americans, and not independent nations.

Concerning this treaty, if any other movements feel the need to break free of the U.S., or any other American nation, they should do so, within the right ways. I feel the countries of Europe should not trouble themselves with established nations as ourselves, but rather try and avert accidents like 4chanistan from happening again." Afterwards, the Allied States announced officially that it would not recognize this treaty as valid.


The Franco-German Commonwealth didn't end up convincing the Allied, Everetti, or Cascadian diplomats that the United States was still a good nation, and failed in its quest to enforce US sovereignty. However, the Franco-German Commonwealth did manage to start good relations with the ex-superpower, including the creation of a joint military and economic alliance which would lay the framework for the Franco-German Commonwealth's main goal, the Hesperian Alliance.