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Tri-Star Confederation Flag

The flag of the Confederation.

The Tri-Star Confederation is a league of sentient beings that live on planets in the Centauri system. The League currently includes the Delions and the Osmiridians & is planned to include the Precorians once they advance to a certain point.


The Tri-Star Confederation was created for the sole purpose of preventing a second war between the Delions and the Osmiridians. The first war, which was staged on neutral ground, destroyed the atmosphere of a primordial world that both species had hoped to colonize, making the air toxic and unbreathable.

Mutual Advantages[]

Both races had been more advanced in some areas and less in others, for the Delions it was space travel, for the Osmiridians it was weapons, after they banded together they created the biggest threat to Earth ever, they have only ever referred to it as "the Weapon". After it was created, a non proliferation treaty was signed by The Delions, The Osmiridians & The Terrans.