Discovered by Known since antiquity
Pronunciation /tɾo.wo/
Named after World (in Old Unitican)
Adjective Trowosif (Trowoese)
Orbital characteristics
Aphelion 181 148 891 km
Perihelion 179 382 289 km
Semi-major axis 180 265 590 km
Eccentricity 0.004 9
Orbital period

1 year, 106 days, 11 hours, 43 minutes

431 Trowo solar days
Average orbital speed 31.44 km/s

6.001° to Sýfāx

1.513° to the invariable plane
Known satellites Yewhuan
Physical characteristics
Mean radius 6 410 km
Circumference 40 270.2 km
Surface area 516 198 419.8 km²
Volume 1.10281 x 1012 km³
Mass 6.09966 x 1024 kg
Mean density 5.53
Equatorial surface gravity 9.91 m/s²
Escape velocity 11 266 m/s
Sidereal rotation period 26.19 h
Axial tilt 21.4°
Albedo 0.399
Temperature 13.4 °C
Surface pressure 112 352 Pa

76% Nitrogen 22% Oxygen 0.9% Argon 0.12% CO2

1% Water Vapor & trace gases

Trowo /tɹo.wo , tro.wo/ is the 4th planet from Sýfāx. It is home to over 94 billion people and is the seat of the United Trowo government. It is the birthplace of humanity (well at least in this conworld) and the single, most influential world in United Trowo. Many who live on other worlds see travelling to Trowo as a spiritual journey to discover their own roots, as well as the go to place for vacations. 

Trowo is orbited by a single natural satellite Yewhuan , which has been terraformed and is home to over 400 million. There are over 400 space stations orbiting Trowo. The orbital ring Guldian also circles above Trowo. 

Name and Etymology

It is still unknown where the word "Trowo" orignated from. Most linguists believe that unlike most objects that have been named by what they are or what they represent, Trowo was an alternative word for "world" (guld in Modern Unitican, *tudho in Old Unitican) and likely implied that the first humans had a concept that this world was also a planet, which is one of many.


Trowo is a habitable planet, very slightly larger and more massive than Earth (in the real world). Orbiting the star Sýfāx, a G-type main-sequence star about 1.05 times the mass of the Sun. Trowo orbits Sýfāx at 1.2AU, and has an average temperature slightly lower than Earth.

The mass of the planet is 6.0996 x 1024; composed mainly from Iron, Oxygen, Silicon, Magnesium, Sulfur, Nickel, Calcium and Aluminum. The structure of Trowo resembles Earth, with a crust, upper mantle, lower mantle, outer core and inner core. Trowo has active plate tectonics, and a magnetic field very slightly stronger than Earth's. Trowo however, possesses more geothermal heat than Earth, having formed earlier and retaining more of its heat of formation. This leads to more tectonic movements and frequent volcanic eruptions.

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