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Tsusawa (荊琦區 Tsusawa-chi) is one of the 20 wards of Konggei, Surea. It is a planned city that serves as a major commercial and administrative center, housing one of the busiest train station in the country (Tsusawa Station), and the National Government Administrative Office, the administration center for the government of Surea. Tsusawa ward was the brainchild of President Marushi Ryongmu who was the Mayor of Konggei then.

Surrounding Tsusawa Station are department stores, specialist electronic and camera shops, cinemas, restaurants and bars. Many international hotels are located here.

As of 2009, the ward has an estimated population of 300,913 and a density of 14,875 persons per km². The total area is 20.23 km².

Tsusawa has the highest numbers of registered foreign nationals of any community in Konggei. As of October 1, 2008, 39,953 non-Surean with 119 different nationalities were registered in Tsusawa.

Planned as the green and intelligent city, 38% of the area is reserved for green areas by emphasizing the enhancement of natural landscape. A network of open spaces and wide boulevards were incorporated to the plan. Construction began in February 1992 and today major landmarks are completed and the population is expected to grow in the relatively new city. It was Surea's biggest project and one of East Asia's largest with estimated final cost of US$ 10.3 billion. The entire project was designed and constructed by Surean's largest conglomerate, Tenraku Group, with only 13% of the materials imported.