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Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Latin: Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur
English: Even a god finds it hard to love and be wise at the same time
Anthem: The Empire
Location of Tyrll
Official language: Tyri
 - Emperor
 - Advisor of the Emperor
Royal Dictatorship
The High Emperor
Kuthia Bialli
Founded Tyrll Foundation Day
 - Total

2 Superclusters
4 Quadrillion
Arkhangelsk Monetary Credit (A$)
Technology Level 18

The Tyrll are seen as one of the first sentient races of the Arkhangelsk Universe. They began an intergalactic war with the Sophyll and were forced to sign a peace treaty after a lengthy war that ending in an ultimate stalemate. They are credited with created the Archivilli Arkhangelsk through genetic experimentation after the Tyrll-Sophyll War. Today they are the second largest group in the Arkhangelsk Empire and still hold a large sway of power in some superclusters.


The Tyrll are named after their first tribes name which translated today would mean Men of the world. While originally Tyrll was spelled Teriall over the millenia it evolved into a more complex and meaningful Tyrll. Tyrll also happens to mean Gods of the Light" in the Realius language.


The Tyrll are thought to be one of the myriad races created by the Architects. Initially the Tyrll were a nomadic species on Tyri, but after settling down they finally became a more prevalent society. The Tyrll quickly began creating cities and delving into advanced genetics. The Tyrll began to design new species especially working species that were artifically designed. The first species they created were the Artificias Working Drones, these drones had limited intelligence, but were imbued with the ability to learn. This fatal flaw allowed the artifical working drones to revolt and wage a war against the Tyrll. The Artificias Insurrection was a major turning point in the way the Tyrll dealt with working species.