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Ugius (Dalunian for "Known World") is a planet largely inhabited by Humans. However, several other humanoid races do exist, but make out a minute fraction of the population, such as the Elves and Dwarmur.

Earth and Ugius comparisons

  • Dalunian (language) = English



  • Star's Light = January
  • Sun's Dawn = February
  • First Shine = March
  • Raintime = April
  • Second Shine = May
  • Mid Year = June
  • Sun's Height = July
  • Last Shine = August
  • Newfire = September
  • Wintermourn = October
  • Sun's Dusk = November
  • Star's Dark = December


  • Morndar = Monday
  • Turdar = Tuesday
  • Middar = Wednesday
  • Thurdas = Thursday
  • Fridar = Friday
  • Soredas = Saturday
  • Sundar = Sunday


Timeline of Ugius

  • BTW: Before the Wipe
  • TW: The Wipe
  • ATW: After the Wipe

Ancient Ugius (50,000 BTW - 978 BTW)

  • 50,000 BTW: First people arrive.
  • 47,000 BTW: Fire is invented.
  • 46,000 BTW: Villages established.
  • 43,000 BTW - 39,000 BTW: The wheel is invented. Tribes are established. Trade increases.
  • 36,456 BTW - A large war is waged.
  • 30,000 BTW - Dalunian is established as a standard language among the people. Dalunian literally resembles English.
  • 187 BTW - The Kingdom of Dalun is established, and rules of the territory of Indand.
    • Dalun prospers for almost 200 years, with many wars and hostilities with neighboring kingdoms and tribes. The monarchy is accepted by the people for most of its existence years.

The Wipe (163 BTW - 104 ATW)

  • 163 BTW: The Kingdom of Dalun continues to prosper and expands its borders in all directions.
  • 5 BTW: Egibul is discovered by Dalunian explorers.
  • TW: The Wipe occurs.
    • The Kingdom of Dalun is almost completely "wiped" by an evil scourge originating from Egibul. This is the first time the Corvidus are interacted with.
  • 100 ATW: The Corvidus have now spread to almost every corner of Indand, killing or enslaving any Dalunians it comes in contact with.
  • 104 ATW: A large war is waged by the Empire of Molatrur, which has only decades prior started to unite other Kingdoms to fight the Corvidus. The Corvidus are presumably destroyed.

Historical Ugius (110 ATW - 399 ATW)

  • 110 ATW: Exploration occurs across Ugius.
  • 120 ATW: The Empire of Molatrur colonizes the entirety of Indand, and with a new leader in place, becomes a tyrannical entity to the people.
    • The tyrannical policies of Molatrur continues for years, with each new monarch continuing, if not worsting their predecessor's evil policies.
  • 233 ATW: The Empire of Molatrur experiences a revolution of the people. The Indand Agreement sees the Empire of Indand, Casperum and their Territories established, and nine autonomous realms which continue to enjoy many sovereign rights.
    • A new timeline is established, the year is known as The Revolution, all following years are suffixed with "AR."
  • 415 ATW: Present day.

Map of Ugius

A map of the planet Ugius.

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