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Ugrian union
Official Languages Finnish, Swedish, Karelian, Anarean, Skoltish, Norwegian, Kildinish, Sami
Other Languages Curonian, German, Danish, Russian, Vepsian, Pitean, Lulean, Kemian, Izhorian, Ramoan, Inuktitut
Capital Oulu
Government Representing
As Fennian Union

As Ugrian Union

Treaty of Turku
23 June, 1969
Treaty of Viipuri
23 June, 1991
Currency Ugrian mark

Ugrian Union is the body deciding the common foreign policy of its member states. The member states also share a common currency.

The name of the union is misleading. Nor every official language is Finno-Ugric neither every Finno-Ugric language is spoken in the union.

Member states[]

  • Finland
  • West Lapland
  • East Lapland
  • Finnmark
  • Varang
  • Åland
  • Republic of White Sea
  • Kola


The member states send delegations to the official union meetings. The power of the delegates is proportional to the population of the state.