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Ulvilan kaupunki
Province Satakunta
Area 139.37 km²
as of
Dec -05

Ulvila is a city and municipality in the province of Satakunta, next to the provincial capital, Pori. Other municipalities bordering Ulvila are Nakkila and Kullaa.


Ulvila is divided by Kokemäenjoki River. Overall, Ulvila is flat, its lowest point being 3 m MSL and the highest natural land formation 21 m MSL. However, the ridge between the depressions of Kokemäenjoki and Kaasmarkunjoki has been raised into a maximum height of 53 m MSL, just southwest of National Road 11.

The settlement is centered on the Kokemäenjoki River, east of which is the older part (Vanhakylä), while on the west side lies the new city center (Friitala) as well as the Satakuntese Railway.

Though having a relatively dense habitation, Ulvila has many fields that are preserved for environmental effects.