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Small Celestia sun
Suns of the Latter Days

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Small Celestia sun
Haall Region: Saint Vengeance Ragny Keenaan
Edenic Region: Istedden Eyipril
Heartland: Haall Possible Earths Others
Misheji Region: Sun Wukong
Ummitic Region: Ummajadid Ummabad
Settlement Date: 722BR
Pop. (120 cen.): 260mil.
Languages: Ummitic
Moons: ?
Day: ? hours
Year: ? days
(EF: 2.5 E. Yrs)
Diameter: 8600 mi
Gravity: 9.6 pau
(EF: 1.08 g)

location: main
size: large
color: yellow
distance: 177mlml
(EF: 1.9AU)
light: Very bright

Ummajadid was settled by an old-style colony ark that set out from Umma toward the end of the Cataclysm. They arrived some fifteen years later.