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The Undina were one of three original races created by the dragon deities. Of the three, the Undina represented the power of water, the ability to flow and change. Ultimately, this fluidity created the strife of The Millennium War, opened the gates to the Darklands, and gave birth to humans, the goblin races, and the elves.

Although clever and quick, the dragons never expected that the Undina would want to learn the elemental magic that had given them life. The tall, graceful race began to resent the knowledge, and stole bits of it here and there as they could. The horan, smaller in stature and more hardy, were finally the result of these experiments. The Undina were pleased with the creatures, using them as slave labor. More importantly, the spark of a soul was never granted to the horan, making them easily commanded.

Eventually, the horan were ensouled and fled their masters, who attempted to create the goblin races to replace them. Bigger issues caused The Millenium War, and the Undina retreated to extraplanar homes. They eventually merged with the plane itself, acquiring physical form only when necessary for tasks. When the seals were eventually released and they returned to Codex, they were surprised by the world they found, and the changes the trip had wrought on them. The races of Codex refer to their physical forms as the Eladrin, and see the race as a threat with their superior mindset and powerful, ancient magic.

Physical Appearance[]

The physical forms of the eladrin are tall, often six and a half to seven feet, willowy and sleek. Their eyes are pools of molten color, lacking in iris or pupils, and their hair is metallic. They have little body or facial hair, and their skin is paler than humans. They live longer, and when they finally perish, their souls merge back into Kha-Dyn, forgetting their time on Codex except as a dreamed diversion.