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Unification Week is a celebration held annually, to honor the week in which the Revolutionary Struggle ended, and the GSA Act was passed. The week is celebrated very differently by different cultures. Every Unification Week, there is a new statue assembled in the Converge, usually of a historical figure. On the HoloStream, the Holoshows and HoloGrid are usually celebrated with a Unification Week theme. On the Converge, the artificial star in the center is powered off for three days straight, and massive raves and parties ensue. Many have referred Unification Week as, "The Easiest Week to Get Laid", or the "EWGL". Many young males use this term quite often, to describe relations with someone. Such as, "I'm totally gonna bang her on EWGL."

Senai Celebrations[]

On Nioni, the Senai hold massive orgies and parties the entire week. Most people become "Periodic Nudists" this week, as most just walk around in the nude on Nioni during this time. Along with these massive orgies, there are large games played, such as, the Essyal Fruit Mash. A game where peach-like fruits are used, in a massive game where people try to hit one another with the Essyal. This is yet another game commonly played in the nude.

Trais Celebrations[]

On Tyryse, the Trais partake in large group activities, such as large bonfires at the beach, or hiking in the Isatsa Mountains. The activities are highly athletic, and usually consist of one major competition.

On the last day of Unification Week, the Trais hold the largest firework show, or at least defined as the most amazing firework show. It consists of high powered explosives, rather than just small rockets like old Earth firework shows.