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The United Islands Labour Party, also known as the UILP or "Labour" was a Georgeland political party that existed between 1905 and 2003. The party was broadly a social democratic party, and was for most of its history one of Georgeland's two major parties and furthest to the left of both.

Policy and Doctrine[]

The Labour Party was a social democratic party towards the end of its life, but in earlier times it had been actively Socialist.
In general, core Labour principles had been strong public education and healthcare systems, support of collective bargaining and the rights of workers and a less enthusiastically pro-US foreign policy. More right-wing elements in the party who took control in the 1980s altered policy somewhat, so that the party because just as pro-American as the Conservatives and supported deregulation of industry and privatisation of government assetts, something the party had previously been against.


The Labour Party had a federal Executive, headed by a President, as well as two Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The party's parliamentary leader was its Prime Ministerial candidate at elections, and exercised significant but not total control over the party's policy and strategy. The Executive and the associated Policy Committees made policy, which would be adopted or rejected at an annual National Conference. Affiliated Trade Unions supplied 60% of conference delegates for most of the party's history, though from 1998 to 2004 this was reduced to 50%.
Each state had a local branch of the party with a similar structure.

Trade Union Influence[]



Pre-World War II[]

Thomas and Keegan[]

The Wilderness Years[]


The Quarton Government[]

Robards and the Great Split[]

Downfall and Disintegration[]


In 1999, much of the Labour Party became the Liberal Party of the United Islands. Following its' disintegration, some members formed the Union Party of Georgeland and others became Independent. In only one state has Labour continued as a political entity; in 2005 Scoitan Labour lost one seat at the Scoitan legislative election, 2005 for a total of four.


Partial list - TBC
Eric Donaldson 1905-1920
Oscar Lyne 1920-1933
Jack Heath 1933-1937
Fenton Thomas 1937-1948
Nathan Keegan 1948-1960
Peter Stephens 1960-1967
Victor Howard 1967-1973
Bradley Van Goen 1973-1978
Noel Quarton 1978-1995
Charlton Robards 1995-1999
Anthony McDonald 1999
Jim King 1999-2000
Ian Macphee 2000-2001
Michelle Donnelly 2001-2003
Brian Tharpe 2003-2003
Francisco Dini (acting) 2003