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The United Party of Saydney, simply known as the UPS is a Saydneyan centre right political party. With the Saydneyan Democratic Congress it is one of the two major Saydneyan political parties.

The party is broadly conservative in outlook, with an economic rationalist apprach to the economy, it is also moderatly isolationist and religious. The UPS is a relative newcomer to the Saydneyan political landscape, being founded in 1955 with the merger of the Saydney Party with the bulk of the Conservative Party.

Since its creation in 1955 the UPS has held government for 32 years out of its 50. Not only does the UPS have the honour of being the most succsessful Saydneyan political party it also produced Saydneys longest serving. President Juan Montoya

The UPS is currently the main opposition party to President Miranda Eaton, having 19 seats in the High Council and and 150 seats in Congress. The current leader of the UPS is Councilor Bridget France who is a front runner in the race to become Saydneys next President

Bridget France's chances were improved in late 2005 when the remenants of the UPS conservative party forebears fuly merged. This merger has created Saydney largest conservative party in over 50 years and holds the greatest chance yet that the UPS will win government in the 2010 General Election.