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The United States of America is a Nation founded on July 4th, 1776. The Nation has grown from just the lands east of the Mississippi and South of the Saint Lawrence, Over the years it expanded to hold all of the North America Continent, The US is divided into States, each of which have their own sovereignty to a point...



After the Taxation of the British Colonies and the Boston Massacre, The Colonists had enough and revolted, and on July 4th, 1776, the delegates in Philadelphia signed the Declaration of Independence, Written by Thomas Jefferson. In 1783, The Treaty of New York would finally bring an end to the War. Then after multiple issues that come with the founding of a new Nation, The Constitution was written and signed on September 17th, 1787. In November of the Same Year George Washington was elected unanimously as the first US President.

Congress decided in 1790 that each term would last 4 years, with each president being able to choose to run again if they please, in the same meeting, Congress started working on moving the US Capitol from Philadelphia to Washington DC, a recently founded city

Congress would finish The US Bill of Rights in 1791, and would be added to, as a way to change the constitution to flow with the times...


George Washington would Serve 2 (technically 3 but his first 3 years weren't counted by Congress) Terms in Office, With Alexander Hamilton also serving 2 terms from 1799 to 1807. Thomas Jefferson would be the 3rd President from 1807 to 1811, before James Madison would take over.

In The time from 1790 to 1811, The US Was in Relative Peace, with a few close calls from the Napoleonic Wars. In 1800, The US Would complete the process of Moving the Capitol from Philadelphia to Washington DC. Later In 1803, Alexander Hamilton, US President at the time, would by the land known as the Louisiana Purchase, doubling the country's size.

First Major War (1812-1816)

After Many close calls, war finally broke out for the fledgling nation. in 1812, after refusing to stop trading with the French, British Troops attacked the United States. The US Fought fiercely, Working hard to defend their capitol, but it was all in vain. The British Troops entered Washington DC, and Burned down the White House. Thankfully though, President James Madison and his Wife were able to save an iconic Painting of George Washington.

After the War, The US was Given the Area Surrounding Toronto, Ontario, which was given to the State of New York in 1821.

Washington DC was almost entirely destroyed, during the War However, New York City was a fairly Easy City to defend. As a Result, Congress Voted in 1818 to move the US Capitol to New York.

In Return, Washington DC would be granted statehood as soon as the population reached 100,000. Whether The Congress At the Time Supported it or not... Washington DC would then become a US State in 1867.

Manifest Destiny (1816-1853)

After their First War with Britain, The US felt it had to get stronger and Larger, so it can properly defend itself, So the United States would try to expand in anyway possible, eventually getting to a point that it felt like a holy duty... The United States would go t War with Mexico Twice, and would become Militarized, However, Something would divide the County soon, and bring it to Civil War...

Civil War and Abolition of Slavery (1853-1870)

The Issue of Slavery, a Highly debated subject in the United States at the time.

Quirk Crisis (1870-1885)

After The assassination of Abraham Lincoln in April 1870, A Baby was born with a glowing light in Shanghai, China in June 1870. Soon people all around the planet were given interesting powers. Soon people would lose control of these powers, causing chaos, however the invention of the quirk suppression cuffs in 1884, would slowly end the crisis. However, the rise of an enemy of the United States would be born from it, Uzaki Shigaraki, a Japanese Immigrant who developed a quirk that could take quirks. He would rule over some cities during the Roaring 20's and 1910's...

Industrialization (1885-1912)

After the First Skyscraper is built in Chicago in 1885, The World, especially the United States would rapidly industrialize. The United States would get closer to being a superpower, and New York City enters the Top 5 Most populated Cities in the world in 1909. The US would also become the third most powerful Army in 1912. The United States showed high prosperity, a growing Economy, and the new occupation of Hero has shown high promise in lowering gang activity and crime.

World War 1 (1912-1919)

After Multiple precuring wars in the Balkans, The United States could tell something big was coming. They Prepared their Military for the worst, in case, for some reason, they were to be invaded. When the War broke out, at first the US didn't join. However, in 1917, the Zimmerman Telegram was received by Mexico and they accept it, invading the US... Before getting demolished by them... The US wins the American Front in just over 3 months. They Take the Mexican States of Senora, and Baja California, 15 years later, they would become official US States. The US Then assists on the European Front, assisting in retaking Belgium, and one US Division, the 45th Marine Regiment, being the first US Troops to Cross the Rhine River in October, 1918. Germany would surrender in November.

Roaring 20's (1919-1929)

After World War 1, it became apparent that the US was the World's Super Power! The US is considered the World's top Military by 1921. The US also votes for Women's rights in 1919. The US was in a golden age! Despite the prohibition of Alcohol, people would just hang out in Speakeasies, ignoring the laws all together! Buying things with Credit, Stocks going up, and seeming like it'll never end!

Great Depression (1929-1934)

Invaded (1934-1938)

At the end of The Great Depression, with Support from Adolf Hitler, The Fascist Union of Canada and The Mexican Commune, supported by Joseph Stalin, Invaded the US to divide it between themselves. The US Fought Valiantly, in 1936, The Tables Turn at the Twin Battles of Scranton and Hurricane. The US Wins the Battles with Brilliant tactics from Douglass MacArthur in Hurricane, and Malin Craig in Scranton. After these Battles, the Canadian and Mexican Generals Simultaneously freak out, causing them to stress and therefore weaken. in Early 1937, The US Troops completely push out all of the enemies into their own countries. In December 1937, the Canadian Capitol, Montreal, is taken. and in February, the Canadians surrender. In the same Month, Douglass MacArthur takes Mexico City, and the Oaxaca in July, the war finally ends in November 1938. The US would Annex all of Mexico and Canada, and all of Central American, and Greenland, since Mexico and Canada had control of those areas.

World War 2 (1938-1946)

After the American War, The US was on High alert, and after finding out the Germans Financed their enemies in the Great American War. The US was borderline going to war with Nazi Germany. So the US joins the Allies, but doesn't fully join the war until 1940 due to the army reorganizing after the Great American War. The US would Declare War on Germany and Spain just 2 weeks before France falls, with US Troops being just too slow to land in France. Japan would attack the US in December 1941. After Dealing with multiple attempted Coups, Italy joins the Allies in 1942, opening up a new Front which is rapidly filled with US, British, and French resistance troops...

The Italians were pushed back to Genoa and almost to Venice, but a Stalemate would hold until mid 1943. Germany had already invaded the USSR, which was at this point starting to push back the Germans somewhat fast. and because of this, in late 1943, the Stalemate Breaks. by Thanksgiving, Germany is Pushed all the way to Villach, with an encirclement about to take place in Innsbruck, Austria. While on the French Front, the Allies Retake Lyon, Vichy, and Toulouse.

The Allies at this point are now just 10 Miles from Bordeaux, and now are almost a mile into Catalonia, Spain. The Germans are losing fast, with the Americans landing in Normandy on January 6th, 1944. with Paris being Liberated on March 28th, 1944. Nantes was Retaken on March 2nd, and Bordeaux was taken on Christmas, 1943. By June 1944, all of France's former lands have been retaken, with Madrid under siege, and Lisbon been liberated on June 8th, 1944.

On July 19th, 1944, Anne Frank would be rescued from Dachau, and Amsterdam would be liberated on July 23rd, 1944. At this Point the Soviets are just about to reach Warsaw. By December, The Allies have reached Frankfurt, and Democratic uprisings have occurred across Germany. With Hamburg being founded as the Capitol for the largest rebellion. In March, 1945, both the US, and USSR are less than 15 Miles from Berlin. On April 11th, The US, UK, and USSR, all enter Berlin, the Battle of Berlin begins. On April 30th, Adolf Hitler finally realized all hope was lost. and 8 days later, on May 8th, 1945, the US and Soviet Troops would meet just a quarter mile East of Center City Berlin. Finally, on May 11th, 1945, Hitler's Successor would surrender.

Germany would be divided along the line the troops met, roughly. Being a (semi) straight line that moved directly North and South of Berlin. Then the Cold War would begin. Meanwhile, the US and Britain were going through the brutal Island hopping campaigns, taking Iwo Jima in June, 1945. New US President, Harry S. Truman would then authorize the dropping of The Fat Man on Nagasaki, August 16th, and the Dropping of the Little Boy on Hiroshima, August 23rd, and lastly, The Gadget on Kitakyushu, September 1st, Then finally the Japanese would Surrender on September 2nd, 1945. with Korea being divided along the 38th Parallel.

Cold War (1947-2013)

1st Korean War (1949-1953)

Space Race (1957-1970)

Many Crises (1959-1966)

Multiple Crises occurred in the 1960's, From the German Unification Crisis, to the Cuban Missile Crisis, and The Assassination's of John F Kennedy in 1966.

German Reunification Crisis (1959-1960)

In May 1959, The East German General Secretary was Murdered, 2 hours later, West German Chancellor, Heinrich Lübke, gets a phone call. when he answers he receives a Message that tells him that there is a plan for German Reunification. 8 months later, in 1960, West and East German UN Members would Unite and make a form of presentation. Nobody is 100% sure of how, but the Germans had Nuclear Weapons. They demand that all NATO AND Warsaw Pact Troops leave German Soil, or they will fire their Nuclear Weapons at all of their Capitols.

The Soviet representative then says that "they all should have just wiped Germany off the map", and, "We should have just slaughtered all of the Germans." Then in an astonishing moment, The Polish Representative would also stand up and give a small on the spot improvised speech, "It was not the German People who did this, but a fairly small group of them under the guide of an AUSTRIAN Man. We should not blame the German people for the 2nd Great War, We need to blame ourselves for allowing a man like him to get into power, *Cough Cough* Stalin *Cough Cough*. I am standing with the Germans, and we are pulling out of the Warsaw Pact!"

This brings the Soviet Representative to a state of Rage. The US is unsure whether or not to act. For the rest of 1960, Germany and Poland would be at War with the USSR, however, after pressure from the World, The USSR Surrenders, Giving Germany their same borders as in 1914 (just without Alsace and Lorraine) and Poland holds everything that was in their borders in 1935 (without the areas that Germany held in 1914) alongside Lithuania. Germany and Poland would be considered Neutral until in 1978, Germany would Join NATO, with Poland joining in 1980. After a Vote from the people of each country.

Cuban Missile Crisis

US in Vietnam War (1963-1977)

Civil Rights Movement (1963-1971)

Skyscraper Race Begins (1966-1981)

Watergate Scandal (1972)

War On Drugs (1982-2008)

Skyscraper Race Slows down (1982-1995)

Rival Collapses? (1989-1994)

More Allies (1991-2000)

Lewinski Scandal (1995-1998)

Skyscraper Race Resumes (1995-2004)

National Tragedy (2001)

War On Terror (2001-2012)

Rebuilding and Reuniting (2002-2014)

Skyscraper Race Stronger Than Ever (2004-Present)

One Enemy Down (2009-2011)

2nd Korean War (2010-2013)

World War 3 (2013-Present)

Covid-19 Pandemic (2019-2021)

Modern Affairs (2015-Present)

Map of the US States and Cities...



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