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 - Declared & Recognized
|| April 22, 1780
Unite States di Hesperia
United States of Hesperia
Flag Coat of Arms of HesperiaCoat of Arms
Motto: Ex Mundo Una Patria, Ex Humanitas Una Natio
From the whole World in one Fatherland, From all Humanity in one People
Anthem: Te MArch Adinde Xiles
The March Toward the Heaven
Capital Nishikinai
Official language Hesperian
Recognised regional languages Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish
Ethinic groups Hesperians, Europeans, Greeks, Italians, Chineses, Viet, Jewish, Asians, African
Demonym Hesperian(s)
 - President
 - Vice-President
 - President of Parliament
Presidential Federal Republic
Lai Antime Dekichuve
Aristides Yang
Amintor Cumiriki
 - Total

 - Water (%)

10,123,511 km²
 - 2008 estimate
 - 2000 census
 - Density

HDI (2005) Green Arrow Up Darker 0.954 (high)
Hesperian As

Internet TLD .hs
Calling code +8088

The United States of Hesperia, USH (Hesperian: Unite States di Hesperia, IPA: /ɦespeɪɹiɐ/) is an island nation, which location comprehends the totality of the homonymous continent and some others settlements across the world. Hesperia is a Presidential Federal Republic, founded in the mid XVIII century by homeless Hesperian People, who colonized this uninhabited continent. Later, other immigration movements brought in Hesperia a greater number of people, principal of those were European Diaspora between 19th and 20th century, Chinese Christian Migration in the mid 19th century and Jewish Diaspora. Today Hesperia is the second state by total area in the world, the third by population. Hesperian society is a full example of well-developed and non-racist integration among the various peoples. Economy, traditionally based on commerce and exportation of food and technology, is prosperous and based on a well-developed educational system, the high quality of low-price products and the competitive presence in various ambits of international trade. Hesperian people has an high standard of living, and this Country is today one of the most liberal and democratic nations of the world. Hesperia has today good relation with the majority of world’s countries, except those where dictatorship is the form of government.