United States presidential election, 2036
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2032 ← November 4, 2036 → 2040

540 electoral votes of the Electoral College

271 electoral votes needed to win

Turnout 52.4% (voting eligible)
Denise Batson Speaking Crop.jpg Frank Lydon Official Portrait.jpg
Nominee Denise Batson Frank Lydon
Party Republican Democratic
Home state New York Tennessee
Running mate David Pearce Howard Stokes
Electoral vote 449 91
States carried 40 10 + DC
Popular vote 93,950,026 77,739,725
Percentage 53.9% 44.6%

2036 Electoral Map (CS).png

Presidential election results map. Red denotes states won by Batson/Pearce, Blue denotes those won by Lydon/Stokes. Numbers indicate electoral votes allotted to the winner of each state.

President before election

George P. Bush

Elected President

Denise Batson

The United States presidential election of 1928 was the 63rd quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 4, 2036. It saw incumbent Vice President Denise Batson, the Republican candidate, soundly defeat the Democratic candidate Frank Lydon.

Held during a period of booming economic conditions brought about by the George P. Bush administration, incumbent President refused to run for re-election leaving the candidacy to his widely expected successor, Vice President Batson (the first female candidate for a major party) and her running mate, David Pearce of Georgia. The Democratic Party on the other hand had faced a serious lack of strong contenders for the office, the delegates eventually choosing the Congressman Frank Lydon of Tennessee as their candidate with his running mate Howard Stokes of Maryland.

As a result of the period of prosperity brought about by the incumbent Republican administration, Batson soundly defeated her opponent for election without having to campaign vigorously.

Lydon on the other hand continued the 2032 candidate Anthony Adam's policy of a "southern strategy", attempting to win over southern states whilst largely ignoring the perceived solidly Democratic northern states, likely extending his campaign's losses in the electoral college. 

Ultimately, Batson was elected in the largest landslide since Mark Kirk in 2024, becoming the first female President of the United States.

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