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Paul George, Republican Candidate

The Third World War had been a blessing in disguise for the U.S economy. Thanks to increased demand for war parts, America had seen its industry and labor boom. As for the war itself, it was a forgone conclusion by 2044 that the U.S and allies would indeed emerge triumphant. For the first time since the 2020s, the American people were not only satisfied but inspired and energized.

President Paul George elected November 2, 2044 and inaugurated January 20, 2045 lead the country out of war after A civil war had broke out and eventually lead to WW3 due to the Democratic Party being salty that a republican had won after the fraud elections 20+ years ago. But Paul GEORGE lead America into a better path even tho a lot of troops lost their lives during WW3. America frankly won this war due to the great George administration. After WW3, a lot of countries had respect for America due to Paul George’s great presidential and patriotic leadership. Paul George did not run for a second term in 2047.

Candidate Name
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Running Mate Electoral Votes

Popular vote

Paul George (Republican) Saira Blair 345 electoral votes
Popular vote = 155,000,345
Jonathan Ossoff (Democratic) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 236 (75,000,000)
David Cawthorn (Independent) AJ Edgecomb 16
Trevor Pason (Socialist) Levi Sanders 0