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Usef Anarimi
Position: Archaeologist
Race Human
New Ceres
Education Archaeological Arts Academy
Age -71 Earth Years
-78 Tyryse years
Height 6'2 feet
Ethereal Ability None
Intelligence 140 score on the IET's
Birth Date 2294 A.D.
Death Date 2365

Usef Anarimi was born 2294 A.D., to parents Christopher Anarimi and Catalina Anarimi. He was raised as a devout Jewish man, and he attended a private Jewish school for most of his life. Yet, to the disappointment of his parents he dissolved from the Jewish church, and became an Atheist. Without his parent's support, Usef had to make his way in the galaxy on his own.

He was picked up by Holo-Tool OS creator Bill Jobs, and soon became his personal assistant. After years by his side, Usef knew he had to attend some type of school eventually. Jobs supplied Usef with enough money to pursue whatever career he wished. Usef choose to attend the Archaeological Arts Academy, where he studied for 10 years to earn a PhD in the field.

Later, Usef became interested in the Syn. He studied all he could find about them. Whatever information came his way, he examined meticulously. Soon, he became a Syn worshiper. However, a few years later, when in the field, Usef met a young Senai woman by the name of Arrhynii Salas. The two eventually fell madly in love. Usef proposed to Salas, who accepted with love.

During one of their excavations together, Usef went deep into the cave they were researching, as he thought he noticed some Syn architecture. The cave gave way, and he was killed in the cave. His grave stands at his parents home, in their yard, despite their troubles with his religion.