Greetings, Mortal!
I am the one of the co-creators of the Nearly Real World, and the sole creator of Georgeland within that world. I am also the creator of Linari, though it is deliberately vague and exists as a generic African nation for canon and story purposes. While I am not responsible for their creation, I am now solely 'in charge' of Norman and Ular as well.
The whole concept of the NRW started way back in that happy period known as the nineties, when times were more innocent, nobody knew there was a George W Bush and the internet was only a means for nerds to talk about Star Trek. Except for the last part, how times have changed...
The NRW began when me and my friend User:Turkina75 devised fictional countries while we were still pre-teens. I don't remember why, anymore, though I do remember it was a one-up-manship contest for a while, with opinion divided equally about whose country was better. Over time we turned it into a game, exchanging emails about daily events in our countries. Then, we created a Yahoo! forum for it and more people joined. So, basically, it kind of got away from us.
Of course, we made ourselves the duly elected leaders of our respective countries. Of course we did. If you're going to create a country, put yourself in charge of it! At least, that was our motto then.
Therefore there is a character within the NRW canon who shares a name with me. I have altered his middle name to be different from mine, because I want to keep the character as a character. He shares my name, but very little else. For a start, he's a lot more charismatic.
The rest of Georgeland is all my own creation, though bits are borrowed from real life.

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