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G'Day from Helvore

Most Feared God of Knitting

A Bit About Me
I'm a rando from Australia who likes to do a bit of conworlding, with my major projects being the Kingdom of Helvore, Republic of Tyrburg, and the Assai region in Project Genesis. I've been on this wiki since January 2016 and am its self declared Great God of Knitting. Please feel free to contact me if you need using my Talk Page, or @ me on the Discord. Cheers!

A Bit More About Me

Political views

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Anti-Capitalism | Pro-Globalization | Anti-Gun | Pro-LGBT | Anti-American | Utilitarian | Anti-Corporatism | Anti-Extremist

Viet Elvoir! | Êtcse Tëirburg! | Kyitazh Assai!

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