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Hey there. I'm Martin, I live in Pretoria, which is the executive capital of the Republic of South Africa. I am white with European ancestry, either Dutch or Belgian. I hope to immigrate to America one day, since I have what appears to be a natural inclination to approach law, politics, morality and society in an individualistic, American way. America has always been home.

I have an LL.B law degree from the the University of Pretoria's Faculty of Law.

I am a passionate libertarian - I believe the State should stay out of lifestyle and economic decisions and affairs as far as possible. As a general rule, I do not support government intervention in personal or economic affairs. The government exists to ensure that a person's natural, God-given rights are not infringed upon by other states or individuals. Its mandate is not to help the poor or bail out the rich, since reaching into someone else's pocket for your own endeavors is by its nature theft and therefore unethical. The video at the bottom of this page explains my libertarian philosophy perfectly.

In October 2014, I became a Local Coordinator for my region with African Students for Liberty. In July 2015, I was accepted into the African Executive Board. I am currently the Editor in Chief of Being Libertarian, an international libertarian outlet with a social media following of over a quarter of a million individuals, and the Rational Standard, a libertarian news and commentary platform focusing particularly on South Africa. Since January 2017 I have worked for the Free Market Foundation of Southern Africa as a legal researcher.

I am a liberal Christian and consider myself devout. I love the Lord, I worship the Lord in my own way and I obviously believe in His existence. I do not attend church as this manner of worship has not worked for me personally. It doesn't work for a lot of people. Going to church only to fall asleep or think about matters unrelated is simply a waste of time. God has given us a lot of things to be thankful for, but the ability to control time is not one of those things. If churching is preferable to you, that is fine and I do not in any way judge churchgoers.

I view the Bible as a skeleton and all life's experiences and developments as the meat. Fundamentalism ("literally interpreting the Bible word for word") is what I consider to be a dangerous view to hold especially if the people doing it are in the business of making law. Islamic fundamentalism has taken a royal dump on natural and human rights in the Arab World and for this transgression it deserves to be destroyed by any means necessary - diplomatic or military. Christian fundamentalism has had its mass atrocities in the past and is in the present nudging ever closer to the red line separating "irritating" and "time to destroy". God cannot be destroyed. A perversion of Christianity, however, can. Thus, if you are a fundamentalist, that is fine - but do not lobby for or attempt to yourself legislate it.

I am a proud introvert who prefers alone time and would choose to sit at home immersing myself in knowledge or enjoying a game online than drinking with friends or chasing girls. My ambition for the future is what I have described as "one for humanity" and therefore feel my destiny is larger than myself or my own interests. This ambition is to pursue liberty as the highest ideal for all people, regardless of status or nationality.

Super Warmonkey aka Warmonkey

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Name: Martin
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Nationality: South African
Ancestry: Dutch or perhaps Belgian
  • American English: Primary written language, public oral language
  • Afrikaans: Home oral language, secondary written language
Residence: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Political view: Internationalist libertarian
Religion: Liberal Christian
  • History
  • Politics
  • Law
  • Military
  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • America

Copyright jazz

As a lawyer, I fully understand that action cannot reasonably be taken against me unless there has been an attempt at an out of court solution. I therefore don't fear appearing in court and thus will be using anything I find in what I consider to be the public domain. However, I do understand and for the most part respect intellectual property rights and will at you or your counsel's urging remove your property. I will not, however, simply take your word for it. You must provide me with the original location of your property by means of a URL and a type of confirmation that you are in fact the artist or author. Other than that, I will only act immediately upon receiving an email or letter from a licensed legal practitioner (which I will confirm) or upon receiving a court order if you have chosen to get ahead of yourself.

I use the material I find on the internet in a noncommercial fashion and am willing to credit the author or artist should he or she instruct me to in good faith. I use all material in good faith.


I am known on the internet in general as Warmonkey, Super Warmonkey or Epic Warmonkey. To make contact with me, since I am an admin on this Wikia, for whatever reason, I prefer that you use my talk page. If you are unable to do so, you may email me at

My conworlds

Main article: SWM's Realm

My conworlds or any content related to them as edited by this account are in now way, shape or form any indication of my actual views, beliefs or convictions, unless stated otherwise. I claim ownership of all content published or edited by this account per this Wikia's policy and invite you to contact me with any queries regarding this.

My dislikes

The six Ses:

  • Sports - Since I was introduced to sports in elementary school, it appeared to be a heavily hierarchical, authoritarian concept. The coach berates and yells at the kids who simply want to have a good time. My dislike of sports is thus based mostly on my personal experiences with it. I like baseball though.
  • Slow internet - South Africa, besides being the "Western hub of Africa", has severely limited internet and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • South Africa - As stated above: Africa is the cesspit of the universe and South Africa is the cesspit of the cesspit. One can do or say nothing in this country without some black nationalist socialist calling you a racist or a white fascist corporatist calling you a traitor. Take my advice and stay away. This country is not safe in any definition of the word: crime, employment, discrimination. You name something bad, we've got it.
  • Spiders - Unfortunate creatures which look evil. I simply cannot get it over my heart to forgive them their sins and would enjoy it when all the spiders in the world are either killed or shipped to an isolated island with no hope of return.
  • Statism - The ignorant idea that the State, with its monopoly on force and violence, should be involved in the solving of everyday, societal problems.
  • Socialism - The ignorant idea that somehow, magically, everyone is entitled to everything. The worst part is that socialists, nowadays, are using all the wonderful media which capitalism has enabled to exist, to spread their fantastic (as in, fantasy-esque, not good) "ideas" to the world.

Political stance

  • I am a capitalist. You keep what you earn and dispose of it as you see fit.
  • I am a civil libertarian. You decide your own lifestyle.
  • I reject the contemporary "social justice" ideologies, and don't regard them as either "social" or "just". I would rather they called it "structural-entitlementism" if they want to avoid "Marxist".
  • I am an individualist and don't try to paint rosy pictures of human nature. Humanity is individualistic in that we are not connected like plants or born with unlearned instincts like animals. But we are social creatures and desire community. This does not suppose that we are no longer individuals. We make individual decisions. We take individual responsibility. Our self interest is always primary, regardless of what we like to admit. We should embrace this fact and, finally, acknowledge that self interest is not a bad thing. We use it to survive, and we use it to get ahead. To get ahead, we need to interact with our communities (getting ahead by yourself on a deserted island is pointless), and they won't allow us to get ahead without reciprocation. You provide them with value, and they return the favor. This is the nature of self interest. This is the nature of capitalism. This is the nature of progress.
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The Philosophy of Liberty

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