Note: I will be moving house in about August.

Hi there!

I am the person who created Leubantia. It wasn't under an account, though. It was when I was unregistered. Before I created this account, I passed through several IPs.

This account was created automatically. After I logged back on to A Flanimals Wiki, I strolled back here. I then discovered that my account had been created.

To-do list

My birthday is on 25 February.

Today's Fun Fact: Hyasoda Group of East Asian Federation is a government-like organization.


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This user lives in Scotland.

Flag of Leubantia
This user created the Nearly Real World country Leubantia.

Flag of Leubantia.png This user's favorite country on this wiki is Leubantia

Cool stuff about me

  • I am number 4 on this sites "top contributors".
  • The category on my country Leubantia is the 4th biggest category on Conworlds. Leubantia is also the second biggest world here, after Georgeland.
  • I am the youngest person on Conworlds. But my age is of course a secret.

Uncool stuff about me

  • Leubantia is not visited well. It is behind Heigard.
  • Leubantia is not even on the list of "Highest-rated articles", even though it is 5/5.


  • Leubantia: very fun to read.
  • Georgeland: Really fun to read.
  • Harry Potter
    • The scene where Malfoy is turned into a ferret: Probably the funniest ever movie scene.
  • Club Penguin
  • Komodo Dragons: My favorite animal. It is NOT a dragon, but a big brown Indonesian lizard.
  • All this diplomatic mission stuff: Very fun :D


  • Tel Loiryn's categorization: Almost everything in her categorization has pages in the wrong category.
  • When it breaks down here on Conworlds: Really annoying.
  • Dogs: I don't like them because they bark.
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