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About Me

Flag of Maryland
This user currently lives in the state of Maryland.

Flag of Ivalice
This user created the Nearly Real World country Ivalice.

Flag of the East Asian Federation.png This user created the Future World country East Asian Federation.

Flag of Metaria
This user created the Pangam-Pangat civilization Metari Theocracy.

:D This user's favorite article on the Conworlds wiki is Koiwai.

D: This user's least favorite article on the Conworlds wiki is Ivalice

! This user appreciates constructive criticism and peer ideas.

Flag of AFTA.png This user supports Free Trade in the Future World.

GTO Flag.png This user supports Diplomacy in the Nearly Real World.

Flag of OIS.png This user supports Opposition Political Blocs lol in the Future World.

:? This user is highly unorganized.

xD This user lols A LOT.

Flag of Yarphei.png This user's favorite country on this wiki is the Grand Yarphese Republic.

:) This user likes helping people!

# This user's page on WikipeD is cluttered with userboxes.

2 This user is number 2 on the list of users with most edits here.

RLY? Random Conworlds Fun Fact: Template:Facts Exception Error. If you are seeing this message, contact Woogers.

^ This user's two 5 year missions are 1) to add at least two pictures to each page in the Ivalice Category//Impossible, and 2) to get all his pages off of the Pages Undergoing Construction list//Also Impossible.

Flag of Ivalice.png This user has four subpages and two subtemplates.

This user participated in World War III (Future World). It did not go well.

Pangam-Pangat Tribal Map.png This user's favorite image on Conworlds is the tribal map of Pangam-Pangat..

Flag of Koiwai.png This user's favorite city in the Nearly Real World is Koiwai.

>:( This user's is waging an ongoing war with succession templates.

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