On a scale of most to least spacefaring, my species are: the Ghayn, the Cittus, the Patronans, the Chesnon, the Humans, the Aethos, and the Lameans.

The Ghayn represent first contact for nearly every species.

Humans have met: the Ghayn, Cittus, Chesnon, Patronans, and Aethos, in that order.

Patronans have met: Lameans, Ghayn, Cittus, Chesnon, Humans, and Aethos, in that order.


The Ghayn are seen as gods mostly, and they don't like to be too involved, though they are on good standing with every species. The Patronans get along well with all. The Aethos, Lameans, Humans, and Chesnon tend to be mistrustful of the other species in the loose alliance. The Cittus don't like to be involved in interplanetary affairs but will interact kindly when necessary.

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