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Hello P4enski!

P4enski, welcome to the Constructed Worlds Wiki, a site where you can create your own fictitious worlds! Be it fantasy, realism, science fiction or just plain weird, constructed worlds - we just call them worlds - are in the limelight here. You can make your own, or you can add to others'. We have several feature worlds on the main page but if you have an idea, suggest one or better yet, make one!

Our collection is quite extensive. You can browse projects by size or by genre at List of Worlds.

We encourage you to try making your own world whenever you get the inspiration or, if you're that lazy, give your ideas to someone else on this site. So join in, and may your imagination be highly productive here! If you need inspiration, check out the other worlds, chat, or help with anything that's going on. If you need any help, contact one of our administrators!

Things to remember:

  1. This one's for your own good. You need to have an overview/intro for your world(s).
  2. It would be preferable if your page had templates (such as infoboxes), tables, and pictures.
  3. Help out. Please categorize all your articles by the name of your world (or project).
  4. Refrain from creating tiny or bare-bones articles. Remember, keep your project interesting to readers.
  5. Join our official Discord chat!
  6. Report and undo any vandalism you see!

If you have any questions, please:

We value your feedback about how this site is being run. We would also like some feedback about what you think of the other worlds on this site.

Happy editing, P4enski!

P.S. We do have rules. Please read our manual of style and our other policies - it is strongly recommended that you review them prior to editing.

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