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Vaasan kaupunki
Area 191.7 km²
as of
Dec -05

Vaasa is a city, the 5th most populated municipality in state of Finland in the Ugrian Union, as well as the capital of Vaasa province.



Vaasa is currently linked by railways to four directions:

The route of Western Coastal Railway has since 1968 been running under Eteläinen Kaupunginselkä bay, Vaasa downtown and the municipal center of Mustasaari, due to the old tracks not being useful for high-velocity traffic. The new railway has its main station just below the old Vaasa Central. However, the old tracks are still used by commuter and industrial traffic.

The branch towards Raippaluoto does not run through the Vaasa Central either; it departs from Old Town and passes between Vaasa downtown and Mustasaari municipality.

There will be a fifth railway connection, as a new railway from the Old Town through Vähäkyrö to Vöyri is due to open in June 2009. It will be further extended by 2012 to Ylihärmä, connecting to Härmä Railway.

Rapid transit[]

The Vaasa Metro is the rapid transit system of Vaasa metropolitan area. It has one line with two branches:

  • 1A: Sulva-Vanhasatama-Vaasanpuistikko-Kerpyy-Skatta (of Koivulahti municipality)
  • 1B: Topia-(Vaasa International Airport)-Vanhasatama-Vaasanpuistikko-Kerpyy-Isosanta