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Vasas Ayan
Race Senai
Position: Anti-Slavery Activist
Slaving Ship
Education None
Age -140 Earth Years
-154 Tyryse years
Height 6'2 feet
Ethereal Ability Slight Ethric ability
Intelligence 150 score on the IET's
Birth Date 2247 A.D.
Death Date 2387

Vasas Ayan was an Anti-Slavery Senai woman, who was born 2247 aboard a Senai slaving ship. Vasas suffered from sexual slavery, even as a child. She stated at an interview that she was raped by the men on the ship, at the age of eight. Vasas spent half of her life on this ship, before she escaped to the rest of the galaxy.

Vasas was the starter of many Anti-Slavery rallies, and she even took it upon herself to kill multiple slavers.

Vasas somewhat sparked a revolution among the Senai women, and she is seen in their eyes as a hero. She was known among her friends to be the most friendly person you would ever meet, and she would do anything for you.

Vasas was assassinated by a Hasidar sniper while in her apartment home on the Converge.