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Kanatku Vecaly
Area 280.12 km²
Population 17,967
Density 64.1/km²

Vecaly is a municipality in Lauguv county in Cardoby. Bring formerly agricultural in nature, growth of the nearby Laugutesit has sparked population growth. The altitude at the town hall is 102 m MSL.

The center of the municipality is crossed by both Avtosim-Ialadev and Laugutesit-Hankperas roads. There is also a road from Vecaly to the border crossing to Ardenjost near the eastern slopes of Hankper Mountain.

The majority of the buildings in the center are situated on a smooth plain. At the eastern edge of the plain is a hill, on which the Christian church, town hall and a private palace are located.

On a negative remark, Vecaly is known to be a hub for criminal smuggling of illegal alcoholic beverages over the border.