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Full Name Veronica Abigail Fox
Nickname Ronnie
Race Lycan
Occupation Student
Age 16
Birthdate June 19
Address Berglas Family Home
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Strawberry blond
Family Sasha Lynx, mother (deceased)
Emil Fox, father (whereabouts unknown)

Basic Info[]

Veronica's been on the streets since her mother died just a few weeks ago. She doesn't know where her father is. However, when some strangers start taking kids off the street (Z and Becka), she goes with them to protect them.

Physical Appearance[]

She's living up to her name. She could easily pass for 19 with the right hair, make up, and clothes. The only thing that makes her stand out is what appears to be a tramp stamp, but is really a birth mark, on the right side of her lower back - it's a little paw print of a fox.

Current State[]

She's feeling lucky to be getting off the streets. After all, she knows she could've easily been forced into something she didn't want, if Jose Guerrero hadn't been there to stop them.


Snobby, but with a good heart underneath it all. Especially since she's already starting to learn her lessons.


Coming from a rich family with a single mom she saw her mom murdered, and then disappeared onto the streets to avoid being killed too. She doesn't know who her dad is, beyond a name.


She's friendly with the people she knows, but snobby to new comers.


  1. To find her dad.
  2. To avoid getting killed by the people that killed her mom.


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