Vice President of Alentilla
Vice Presidente de Alentilla (Republic of Alentilla)
Vice Presidente das Alentilla (Republic of Alentilla)
Pangalawang Pangulo ng Alentilla (Republic of Alentilla)
Narcisa Barreto

since 2018
StyleHis/Her Excellency
ResidencePalacio das Grande Alentino, Alentilla City, Alentilla
Term lengthFour years
Inaugural holderBruno Tamarra
Formation1888 (establish)
1960 (restored)

The Vice President of the Republic of Alentilla is the leader of the Cabinet. If the President is resigned or death, it will be automatically replaced by the Vice President as the Acting President. But some time that the Vice President did'nt replaced the Presidential post.

Role, powers and duties 


Every three years is the Election Day in Alentilla. The general elections held in the last week of April or in first week of April. The gubernatorial elections held in first week of July. The mayoral elections held in second week of September and the barrio elections held in third week of November.


  • Must be a citizen of Alentilla
  • Must be of 30 years old or older
  • Must have physically lived in any of the provinces for 11-12 years
  • If Naturalized, must have been a citizen for 7-9 years
  • Know how to speak Spanish or English (it will depend on it's mother tongue)
  • A religious person
  • Must not have been convicted in any crime cases from the past 20 years
  • Must have never been convicted of treason.

Inaguration and oath 


The term of the Vice President is three years. From the first constitution of Alentilla, the term of the Vice President was two years. The same as the President


Alentilan First Republic (1888-1909)

No. Name Party Assumed office Left office Remarks
1 Bruno Tamarra Republic of Alentilla 1888 1889
2 Alejandro Natividade Nacion Alentilla 1889 1893 1st elected Vice Pres.
3 Jose Mario Gorres Nacion Alentilla 1893 1895
4 Antonio San Luis Marcha 1895 1897
5 Ricardo Lopez Marcha 1897 1899 Acting
6 Luis Macario Marcha 1899 1901
7 Miguel Antonio Gamoza Democrata 1901 1903
8 Sebastian del Rey Democrata 1903 1907
9 Ismael Roca Marcha 1907 1909

Empire of Alentilla (1909-1960) 

  • Monarch of Alentilla
  • Deputy Prime Minister of Alentilla

Alentilan Second Republic (1960-1969) 

No. Name Party Assumed office Left office Remarks
9 Carmela Picado Libertad 1960 1964 First female president
10 Armaro Gomez Democrata 1964 1968
11 Mario Varona Republic of Alentilla 1968 1969 First Filipino-Alentillan President

Martial law (1969-1977) 

No. Name Party Assumed office Left office Remarks
11 Rico Varona Socialista 1969 1974
12 Gregoria Landa Socialista 1974 1977

Alentillan Third Republic (1977-Present) 

No. Name Party Assumed office Left office Remarks
13 Salvador Fernandez Libertad 1977 1980
14 Arturo Izquerdo Socialista 1980 1983
15 Julio Villegas Democrata 1983 1986
16 Gracia Lorenzana Independent 1986 1989
17 Felix Cancino Socialista 1989 1992
18 Roberto Sanchez Nacional 1992 1995
19 Manuel Moyano Nacional 1995 1998
20 Leona Quesada Socialista 1998 2001
21 Angelo Vejar Democrata 2001 2004
22 Rio Luisa Inocencio Democrata 2004 2007
23 William Cervana Democrata 2007 2010
24 Daniel Lastra Socialista 2010 2014
25 Juanito Costa Democrata 2014 2018
26 'Narcisa Barreto Reforma Democrata 2018 Present

Living former Vice Presidents 

These are the following of the living former Vice Presidents:

  • Roberto Sanchez (former President)
  • Manuel Moyano
  • Leona Quesada
  • Angelo Vijar
  • Rio Luisa Inocencio
  • William Cervana
  • Daniel Lastra
  • Juanito Costa

The last President who died after his Vice Presidency was Gracia Lorenzana who died in 2017 at the age of 91 because of lung cancer.