Vice President of Ivalice
Official seal
Shi Williams official portrait crop.jpg
Shi Johnson-Williams

since April 4, 2009
Style The Honorable
Residence Ten Grosvenor Square
Term length Four years
Inaugural holder Marche Randall IV
April 4, 1619
Formation Constitution of Ivalice
March 14, 1619

The Vice President of Ivalice is the holder of a public office created by the Constitution of Ivalice. The vice president, together with the President of Ivalice, is indirectly elected by citizens of Ivalice to a four-year term.

Under the Constitution, the vice president is President of the Senate. As President of the Senate, he or she is the head of the Ivalician Senate. In that capacity, the vice president is allowed to vote in the Senate, but only when necessary to break a tied vote.

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