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Councillor Vivian Hart, MHC (SDC)

Councilor Professor Vivian Hart is one of the longest serving members of the High Council and is the longest serving Attorney General in Saydneyan History. Born in 1944 in Friedrickville Councilor Hart led a distinuished legal career the first woman Chief Magistrate in Piedmonet when she acted in the position in 1984. Following her career as a Jurist, Councilor Hart was made a Professor of Law in 1986 at the prestigious Piedmont University of the Humanities, her Alma Mata. A poistion she served until her election to the High Council in 1986.

Councilor Hart was appointed in 1994 as Minister for Community Services in the First Emerson Ministry. In 1996 she was promoted to Attorney General and Secretary of the Executive Council of Saydney, a position that places her third in line of succession behind the President and Vice-President.

Councilor Hart has annouced that she will not be seeking another term and will retire from Parliament in March 2010, ending a 24 year political career.