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Walk With You

--Bona al la encycla lorica.

Song: Walk With You


Remember our promise

That as long as we live,

We'll care for each other

Thru pain and thru comfort,

That we'll go together

No matter rain or shine

Until we reach the ends of the earth?


We would travel far, always going

To places we'd not seen,

We would travel far, and then meet those

Who would travel by our side,

And we would travel far, and discover

The secrets we can't see,

And you and I will share the wonders of the world.


And though we didn't know, just how vast were

All the seas and all the lands,

Though we didn't have, any idea

How to shield us from danger,

And though we didn't have anyone whom

We could turn to for guidance,

I've never felt so sure as when I'm by your side.


And so we set out from home,

To travel through the land,

Seeking out all the places

That we'd not been to before.

With just the two of us,

We could go where we willed.

Just call to me and I'll come with you.


Whenever I've gotten lost,

You've always found me again.

And when I've fallen behind,

You've always waited for me.

And when we've traveled far,

You've always known the way.

I'll follow you wherever you go.


And now we've seen so much

In this land of strangers,

Met so many people

Made friends beyond number.

And though I knew them well,

I never thought to wonder:

For the one I trust was always with me.


And so we've gone so far

To lands we've never known,

And now we're back at last,

Back to the land of our home.

Now that it's time to part,

I've never felt so alone.

I want to never have to leave you.


So let us travel again

Beneath the open sky

We could go where we will,

Without a care in the world.

Just let us wander afar

All through this wondrous land,

And I will share its wonders with you.


So let us travel again

Beneath the endless stars,

And go with hand and hand

All through this endless land,

And this time let us walk

Without an end in mind,

And I will walk forever with you.

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