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Wanderers are people, usually Divinities, Chulong, or Vampires, that travel throughout the world gathering knowledge and experiencing the world.


Wanderers adopt the culture of the civilization they live in, thus there is no true wanderer society. The only mark of a wanderer is a cross superimposed over the infinity symbol. Many wanderers wear this mark as a necklace pendant, but some have it tattooed onto their ankle. When wanderers do encounter each other, they exchange information by exchanging journals.

Though they know how to fight, wanderers prefer to remain as observers in times of conflict.


A wanderer line is a wanderer and any apprentices they may have. Each line is unique. The line does not necessarily apply a blood relation to the members of that line, though it is not uncommon for the members to be related.


A wanderer's journal is considered the most important possession. It compiles notes on everything that wanderer sees and provides an easy way to exchange that information.



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