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Station statistics
1 ECS bullet Line
2 ECS bullet Line
3 ECS bullet Line
Platforms 3
Tracks 4
Other information
Opened 2007
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access

Preceding station   Everett City Subway   Following station
Terminus 1 ECS bullet Line
toward 100 St
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3 ECS bullet Line
toward Federal University

Warwick is an local and express station on the Liberty Avenue of the Everett City Subway. Located at the intersection of Van Duzer Place and Warwick Main Street, it is the Liberty Avenue Line's southern terminus, and all trains terminate here. It is an elevated station, and features an underground parking facility to have less of an impact on the historical district of the town of Warwick. 1 trains (Liberty Avenue Local) and 2 trains (Liberty Avenue Express) serve this station at all times, while 3 trains (Liberty/University Local) serve this station at all times except late nights.


When plans for the Everett City Subway were being developed in late 2005, Warwick was chosen as the southern terminal of three lines, the Unity Avenue Line, the Justice Avenue Line, and the Liberty Avenue Line. It was designed as a massive three-tier station, with four levels, four platforms, and eight tracks, and support facilities including rail yards and a transit store.

Residents of the small town were vehemently opposed to the large amount of traffic that a major commuter station in the center of their town would bring, so the major plans for Warwick station were curtailed. The Justice Line was rerouted to International Avenue and the Unity Line was truncated to Justice Avenue, so in the end, the Liberty Line would be the only line servicing Warwick. The planned rail yard was instead move to just past International Avenue station and the transit store was moved to Hewlett station.

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