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Wendy Nigella Bowen (b. March 16, 1965) is a Georgeland politician, and a member of the Georgeland House of Commons. She is a Conservative.


Wendy Bowen, MP

A public relations expert, Bowen was elected to the Commons at the 2002 general election, representing the constituency of Delmago, which despite its name is located in metropolitan Santa Christina. A moderate Tory, Bowen has been somewhat prominent in the media for a backbencher, appearing on several television programs, including on Cryer Tonite. Bowen is popular with young women as a role-model.

Wendy Bowen is married to Simon Bowen, and the couple have twin sons, Alexander and Kevin, both born in 1992.

Bowen is occasionally mentioned as a potential Tory leader, though she denies interest in the position.