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The West Mainland constitutional referendum of 2006 will be held on October 13, 2006. It will ask voters to endorse one change to the state constitution, to have an appointed Governor rather than an elected one, and to provide opinion on a change to the state's electoral system to provide proportional representation in the state's legislature.

Gubernatorial Appointment[]

The state's government, under Chief Minister Luke Backen, wants to alter the constitution to remove Gubernatorial elections. The Backen plan involved abolition of the elections for the state's nominal, but ceremonial, chief executive and instead having the Governor appointed by a two-thirds majority vote in the legislature. Backen claims this system will save money, as gubernatorial campaigns are notoriously expensive to administrate, and provide a neutral, nonpartisan Governor who will not conflict with elected government policy. The state's opposition, headed by Leah Brown, supports the proposal, as abolition of elected Governorships is general policy of the Liberal Democrats. The Georgeland Alliance opposes the change.

Electoral system[]

Chief Minister Backen also endorses proportional representation. The voters will decide whether or not to introduce a mixed member proportional system into the legislature for the next election, scheduled for August 2008. The Chief Minister claims the system is fairer, more democratic and allows greater government accountability. The MMP system is used in Long Island, Capitalia and Bradmarch. The Georgeland Alliance supports proportional voting, as do the Greens, but the Liberal Democrats do not.