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Western Norwegian parliamentary election, 2019
All 95 seats in the Vestlandstinget
Turnout: -
First Party Second Party Third Party
Ketil Solvik Olsen Liv Signe Navarsete Oystein Langholm Hansen
Leader Ketil Solvik-Olsen Liv Signe Navarsete Øystein Langholm Hansen
Party Vestlandspartiet BpV ApV
Leader since 2011 2011 2011
Seats before 23 8 10
Seats won
37 / 95
24 / 95
16 / 95
Seat change 14 16 6
Percentage 38.2% 24.5% 16.1%
Swing 15.3% 6.0% 4.7%
Fourth Party Fifth Party Sixth Party
TrymAafloy MaritaMoltu GinaBarstad
Leader Trym Aafløy Marita Moltu Gina Barstad
Leader since 2019 2018 2011
Seats before 1 1
Seats won
4 / 95
4 / 95
4 / 95
Seat change 4 3 3
Percentage 4.6% 4.4% 4.0%
Swing 4.6% 2.3% 2.0%
The Western Norwegian 2019 Parliamentary Election was held on the 8th of October 2019. The election was affected by a rise in single-issue activism, with the rise of Folkeaksjonen nei til meir bompengar and a rising opposition to the policies of Vestlandspartiet.

The election saw the dominant Vestlandspartiet lose it's majority in Vestlandstinget, making coalition building a part of the political system of the nation for the first time. During and after the election two blocks would be unofficially formed in the politics of Western Norway.

The Western Norway Party, the New Christian Democratic People's Party and the New Liberal Party was, and still is, seen as a block supportive of the Solvik-Olsen government. The parties are considered generally conservative and pro-independence, with the New Liberals being the only one of them to not fit that description.

On the other side, the Agrarian Party, the Labour Party, the Western Norway Socialist Party and New Direction was, and still is, seen as highly critical towards the Solvik-Olsen government. While all these parties are generally centre to left-wing, there are a visible splitt between the pro-union and pro-European parties and the pro-independence and Eurosceptic parties.

But while the Western Norway Party and the Agrarian Party seems to be opposed to each other, the possibility of a coalition between the two parties are not out of the question.

Following the election, the Solvik-Olsen government was expanded, inviting in the New Christian Democratic People's Party. The new government also entered into a confidence and supply agreement with FNB and the New Liberals.

Parties involved

Political Parties Ideology Political Position Percentage Seats in Tinget
Western Norway Party Conservatism Centre-right to Right-wing 38.2% 37
Agrarian Party of Western Norway Agrarianism Center 24.5% 24
Labour Party of Western Norway Social democracy Centre-left 16.1% 16
People's Action No to More Road Tolls Single-issue politics Syncretic 4.6% 4
New Christian Democratic People's Party Christian democracy Center to Centre-right 4.4% 4
Western Norway Socialist Party Socialism / Marxism Left-wing to Far-left 4.0% 4
New Liberal Party Liberalism Centre-right 3.6% 4
New Direction for Western Norway Christian democracy Centre to Centre-left 2.1% 2
Green Party Green politics Centre-left 0.7% 0
Vestlandsdemokraterne National conservatism Right-wing to Far-Right 0.5% 0
Kystpartiet Regionalism Centre-right 0.3% 0
Democratic Change Pro-Europeanism Centre 0.3% 0
Piratpartiet Vestllandet Pirate politics Syncretic 0.2% 0
Other parties 0.5% 0

Opinion Polls

Before the election, there where set up opinion polls to show the popularity of the parties in the parliament.

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