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Westlandic Script (Westlandic: Vӓитгaɴөıᴋ Aгvaʙᴍт Vastlandik Alvabet) more commonly known as the Westlandic Alphabet is an alpahabetic writing system employed to write the Westlandic Language. It descends from, and is based on, Anglo-Saxon Runes which was first developed in the 5th century in Anglo-Saxon England, which themselves were descended from Younger Futhark. Developed over centuries into modern formed letters which take a great deal of influence from the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets borrwing several letters, most notably the vowels 'a' and 'o' from Latin.  Westlandic script is one of the four writing systems employed in Europe alongside Latin, Greek and Cyrillic. 

Letter Names

Letter Name Latin Typical sound value
Eᴇ Fa Ff 'f' as in 'fire'
Лл Yu Uu 'u' as in 'under'
Ta Tt 't' as in 'tree'
Oo Oh Oo 'o' as in 'of'
Яя Ra Rr 'wr' as in 'wreck'
Кк Ka Kk 'k' as in 'kitten'
Жж Kak Kk ligature for two 'k's 
Ѫѫ Ga Gg 'g' as in 'get'
Vv Va Vv 'v' as in 'vet'
Ha Hh 'h' as in 'helmet'
Na Nn 'n' as in 'pen'
Ih Ii 'i' as in 'I am'
Ѧѧ Ya Jj/Yy 'y' as in 'yes'
Пп Pa Pp 'p' as in 'pet'
Cc Eks Xx 'x' as in 'ex'
Ии Sa Ss 's' as in 'sock'
Ba Bb 'b' as in 'button'
Mᴍ Eh Ee 'e' as in 'echo'
Шш Ma Mm 'm' as in 'mechanic'
Гг La Ll 'l' as in 'love'
Xx Eng Ng 'ng' as in 'singing'
Öö Osh Oe 'ir' as in 'shirt'
Өө Da Dd 'd' as in 'dog'
Aa Ah Aa 'a' as in 'cat'
Ää Ash Ae 'ur' as in 'turn'