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The Westminster Rebellion was a rebellion in the Londonese state of Westminster that took place between October 1999 and February 2000.


The direct cause of the rebellion was a previously minor group of Westminster dissidents.  The United States of London were at that time pursuing an isolationist policy and had reduced the size of their army, a fact the rebels used to their advantage.  The revolt began with the Battle of the Clocktower on October 30, when a small group of rebels showered a nearby parade with bullets from a clock tower.  The result was the surrounding and destruction of the parade.  As the army moved in, only the rebels had any wish to harm the buildings of Westminster's metropolitan regions.  The deciding point was the Opera Teract, on November 11, when the rebels surrounded an opera house they believed had a group of soldiers inside it and blew it up.  It is still not known whether there were any soldiers inside, but there were certainly civilians inside.  This turned public opinion of the rebels from varied into completely negative, but the Army's actions were slow; the last strongholds were not captured until February 21.


The rebellion had a death toll of tens of thousands; the revolt caused many nations to put constraints on travel to London for fear of instability.  In the 2000 elections, the ruling London Party lost almost all of its seats in Parliament and the presidency, due to a perception that its politics were what let the rebellion happen.  From 2000 to 2002, the Development Quotient of London was downgraded from Very Developed to Developed.  In other areas too, London suffered, and Westminster.was not declared completely rebuilt until 2006.