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Who Do You Think You Are? is a Georgeland documentary televsion series, based on the British series of the same name. The first series of the Georgeland edition of the program began airing on GTV on January 21, 2009, though the British version had been broadcast in the same timeslot since 2006.
In each episode of the program, a different Georgeland celebrity traces their family history and genealogy. The journey usually involves the celebrity travelling to a different country or around Georgeland in search of records. The series also focuses on the daily lives of people throughout Georgeland's, and world, history, using ancestors of the celebrity to tell stories about life during the period.
The series is narrated by Gordon Jones.

Series One (2009)[]

  1. Julia Moffatt (21 January)
  2. Sam Carnell (28 January)
  3. Ian Rothman (4 February)
  4. Thomas Andrews (11 February)
  5. Rachel Grant (18 February)
  6. Charlton Robards (25 February)
  7. Jim Cryer (4 March)
  8. Emma Chiltern (11 March